Safe at School

What is Safe@School?  Why is it Necessary? 

With ever-tightening annual budgets and very little, if any, federal or state funding sources, schools and school systems need a way to help curb the cost of implementing a strong, multi-tiered classroom safety strategy.  To help pave the way in meeting this objective, we have launched the Safe@School™ Sponsorship Program.  

The objective of this program is to assist PTA/PTOs and booster clubs recoup the funds related to purchasing and installing RhinoWare™ Door Barricade and many other much-needed classroom and workplace security initiatives.    With the Safe@School™ Sponsorship Program, parents, family members, civic groups, and local businesses can all participate in helping to make sure our schools are safer for students, faculty, staff, and volunteers in the event of an active shooter event.   

Our objective is simple:  Protecting children.  Giving parents, teachers and administrators Peace of Mind. Giving the Community an Opportunity to Take Action.  We all know that schools, school systems, and institutions of higher learning all care a great deal about the security of students, faculty, and staff.  Unfortunately, funding and budget planning often become an issue leading to frustration for both the schools and the parents who would both like to see more comprehensive security measures across all educational environments and departments.   

The Safe@School™ Sponsorship Program helps to solve this dilemma by providing individuals, organizations, and businesses LIKE YOU who WANT to help make our schools more secure the MEANS to do so!

Interested in learning more?  Email us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and receive information on how your PTA/PTO or booster club can help to make Safe@School a reality for your children!