Neuse Charter School Installs Rhinoware® for School Start

Along with the painting, cleaning, and decorating for a new school year, Neuse Charter School in Smithfield, N.C., has taken a step to protect teachers, students, and staff by installing the award-winning lockdown safety system, Rhinoware®.

Neuse Charter School, which has more than 900 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, put the Rhinoware® system in place last month. Campus Safety Products, the maker of the system, installed Rhinoware® version 4, their latest update to the device.

“Anytime the topic of school safety is brought up, immediately, it evokes emotions of fear, concern, uncertainty,” said Melissa Blackwell, superintendent of Neuse Charter School.

RhinoWare® is an easy-to-engage lockdown system that turns any room into a saferoom. The strong yet easy-to-use device is simple enough that a child can engage it in seconds by lifting the latch and dropping it into place. A single-motion handle turn also allows users to disengage the device and exit the door.

Blackwell shared the product at a staff meeting the week before school started. Staff members had a range of responses from tears to cheering when they saw the system. One person wanted to touch it and watch it work before declaring that her anxiety level had dropped significantly from a 10 to a two.

“If that doesn’t speak volumes to where our teachers are in this world, about how concerned they are about safety, then I don’t know what does,” Blackwell said. “I feel like that statement defines the entire product.”

The newest RhinoWare® version installed at the charter school adds a fifth anchor point to the system and includes RhinoWare® Connect, which automatically alerts authorities in an emergency.

“I think every school district can benefit from this product,” said David Lee, head of installation services at Campus Safety Products. “With a simple unit put on the door, you can actually save these kids’ lives. It’s incredible.”

The Connect feature adds an extra layer of security by conveying the exact location of the emergency to nearby authorities. It also activates the surveillance system in the facility to survey the threatened area.

“You want to provide a safe learning environment and RhinoWare® does that,” said Charlie Miller, chief of staff for Campus Safety Products. It delays anybody that may want to get into a classroom and gives law enforcement time to respond to that threat.”

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