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What kind of business needs G Data Business Solutions?

As a vital component of any small, medium, or large organization's cyber security strategy, the G Data Business Solutions product line is designed for any business (regardless of size) wanting the world's best protection against all types of known and unknown (zero-day threat) malware. G Data Business Solutions are specifically designed for organizations that outsource email management to 3rd party service providers.

Your organization relies on the secure management of highly-sensitive digital information. Information is constantly passing in and out of your network. Whether you have internal IT staff or this technology is in the hands of capable IT service and solution providers, they can deliver good levels of security when it comes to technology and security policies, but your business is still open to threats (such as viruses and malware) both online and by transmission from device to device (from USB stick to laptop for example).

What exactly are the risks?

International corporate espionage is a multi-billion dollar industry. The malicious side of the internet has developed as fast as new technology and is now highly sophisticated and advanced. Data theft (personal, corporate, and customer data), major disruptions to systems or even physical damage to equipment is now possible. The financial rewards for stolen or compromised data is high and this has resulted in a massive increase in attacks and hacking attempts - especially on businesses, governments and institutions where sensitive data is commonly held. Your customer database, confidential proprietary data or financial accounts are all of interest and potentially at risk.

Small and medium-sized businesses face the exact same threats and, therefore, require the same level of information and network security as the largest Fortune 500 companies.

These are the reasons why you need the very best business-class security technology today. Whether it's intellectual property, highly-sensitive proprietary or customer information, research data, employee records, electronic medical records, financial trading, or other sensitive data, day-to-day operations require a secure flow of information. Any downtime or data loss can be a disaster in terms of public relations, financial cost or personal risk to customers. Loss prevention of sensitive data is mission-critical. If it does occur (and it sometimes does) valuable data can be lost without back-up files, or stolen - often without any signs or warnings that data theft has even occurred.

Product Information

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G Data Antivirus Business

G DATA Antivirus Business protects your company network using proven, multiple award-winning antivirus technology, central management and automatic protection for all servers, workstations, notebooks, iOS and mobile Android devices.

The optional Network Monitoring module helps you keep track of your complete infrastructure – from printers to servers.

G Data Endpoint Protection Business

G DATA Endpoint Protection offers maximum security through active hybrid protection using CloseGap technology, and the best reaction times to current threats.

The optional Network Monitoring module helps you keep track of your complete infrastructure - from printers to servers.

G Data Managed Endpoint Security

Managed Endpoint Security enables our customers to focus on their core business and leave their IT Security to the G DATA experts. Cost efficient and without downtime due to administrative tasks.

The G DATA Partner takes care of all arising tasks - from the deployment of the security solution, the configuration of the firewall to the integration with the Active Directory.

G Data Managed Endpoint Security - Microsoft® Azure

Managed Endpoint Security Powered by Microsoft® Azure combines the excellent protection of G DATA security solutions with the comfort of a managed service.

Installation and configuration of the Management Server, which is used to deploy and update endpoints, are carried out by the G DATA partner, either in their own data center or on premises with the end customer.