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Real-Time Tracking and Anti-Theft Protection for Laptops, smartphones and tablets from Campus Safety Products


Real-Time Tracking and Anti-Theft Protection

Real-Time Tracking and Anti-Theft Protection

Real-Time Platform

Unlike existing solutions that check-in once a day, EXOS with Remote Kill® works in real-time, allowing for immediate response to compromised devices.

Next-Gen Tracking and Geolocation

EXOS Wi-Fi triangulation can track devices to within 25 feet. Unlike older GPS technologies, it works indoors and in high-rise urban areas.

Hard Drive Lockdown

Remote Kill® disables lost or stolen laptops with boot sector encryption and lockout. A bypass password allows restoration to normal operations once the asset is recovered.

Out-of-Band Emergency Encryption

Following a theft or loss event, Remote Kill® encrypts selected files and folders. Out-of-band encryption protects data from even formerly authorized users such as terminated employees.

Enterprise Interface

The Remote Kill® web application can support up to 1,000,000 devices within a single account, with the ability to delegate Remote Kill® authority to groups and managers.

Works both Online and Offline

Remote Kill® provides instant data protection for devices that connect to any internet connection. Offline Remote Kill® provides a "curfew" setting for devices, automatically encrypting and locking laptops that fail to connect to a network connection with a set period of time.

US Government-Standard Security

The EXOS agent and administration console implement SSL protocols in combination with 1024- bit RSA key-protected communications. Your data is always private and secure.


The Cloud Advantage: Low Cost and Rapid Deployment

The EXOS cloud-based service saves you from hidden costs - most deployments can be completed in a single afternoon. There are no servers to set up or maintain, and installation of the client agent requires minimal end-user interaction. All administration features are accessed with a web browser. Pay only for what you need, without any setup or maintenance fees.

Product Information

You can view, or download the latest information - or contact Campus Safety Products directly for help and advice.

Remote Kill®

EXO5 with RemoteKill® provides real-time device tracking and strong defenses against data theft.

This cloud-based solution enables IT administrators to track, encrypt and disable computers that are lost or stolen, ensuring sensitive data doesn't get into the wrong hands.

Enterprise Laptop Tracking & Security

In the past there have been many high profile cases of sensitive documents or data stored on laptops being stolen after being left on public transport, in bars or public places by absent minded officials, business people and even politicians. Part of the problem is the portability. Laptops are getting lighter, smaller and easy to carry around; easy to take out of the office and you can work anywhere. So people do. Sometimes they leave them in public places by mistake, just as you can forget an umbrella or a briefcase. In some cases a thief may just wait for the right unguarded moment.

From the late nineties, laptops started to become an integral business communication and work device - more and more work product and sensitive data was being carried around on them. Stories of data loses and theft started to appear in news headlines on quite a regular basis and many cases involved laptops and the loss of highly sensitive proprietary, customer, and government data and the personal details of members of the public. The real worry was that this confidential data was going somewhere, but where? The consequences are totally unknown and unpredictable but are likely to be highly damaging. Even so, high profile cases of laptop loss or theft still continue to appear in the news from time to time and data stored on laptops seems to remain vulnerable. Prevention and protection is now possible but alarmingly it's not always implemented - even by major corporations or institutions.

In some cases it may be a thief making cash from selling on the hardware - regardless of the data. Some will steal a laptop or mobile device with the intention of stripping out your private data such as personal details or credit card accounts which can lead to identity theft or raids on your finances. In other, much more serious cases, it may be a targeted corporate data theft. Businesses can lose data either by malicious intention or by accident from employees, ex-employees or anyone with unauthorized access to corporate assets holding proprietary product or customer data, government intelligence or public records stored in databases.

Even if your employees take the necessary security precautions to safeguard your devices and data (especially in cases where BYOD policies are employed) but their laptop or mobile device still gets stolen, there's not much you can do if you have no safeguards in place - your employee is a victim and your business is open to risk and compromise from that point on.

Technology has advanced and protection is now available to enterprises to ensure theft of valuable or irreplaceable data is stopped dead in its tracks. RemoteKill® from Campus Safety Products is such an advancement and can combat this serious and very real problem by locking, encrypting and locating lost or stolen laptops remotely and in an instant. At the very least you can be sure your data is locked and protected, and if all turns out well, you can also recover the laptop and everything on it.

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