The RhinoDoor™


Introducing RhinoDoor!

Campus Safety Products has teamed up with Safewood Designs to bring you the new bullet-resistant narrow vision door that’s engineered to be the ultimate lockdown system for your facility.

Product Description

Protect your home, office, business, educational setting, or house of worship with SafeWood Designs bullet-resistant doors and frames. Narrow vision doors can be finished in any wood species with any finish in any design  configuration to suit your safety requirements. Our door and frame assemblies are designed to prevent forced entry, protect against threats of invasion, and are intended to capture and retain attacking projectiles.


  • UL752 Level 3 bullet resistent core
  • UL752 Level 3 Glazing with Paintable Retaining System
  • Solid Wood, Veneer or Plastic Laminate
  • RhinoWare USA Hardware
  • Compatible with any locking system
  • Ballistic Level 3
  • Dimensions: Made to Fit
  • Custom Options Available

This fortified door combined with the code-compliant strength of RhinoWare will bring your facility unparalleled security.

To learn more about the new RhinoDoor and take the first step towards unmatched security, contact the RhinoWare Lockdown System team below.

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