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The RhinoWare® Lockdown System locks down any room which can be made a safe room at a moments notice in the event of an Active Shooter, Armed Intruder incident or when a possible violent situation could be happening. The simplicity of use, combined with high force resistance has made RhinoWare® the most popular security product in the marketplace. Fire Marshals, Police Chiefs, and Security Directors can rest easy knowing it is the only door barricade system that is completely code compliant.


Completely code compliant meeting all current Applicable Building, Fire, Life Safety, and ADA codes as well as federal accessibility laws..


RhinoWare® V4

RhinoWare® Connect

Differentiates itself with the immediate notification of RhinoWare® Door Barricade System engagement. This alerts the customers’ Physical Security Management System, which can then trigger video surveillance of the lockdown area as well as mass notification
of possible shooter presence, lockdowns, etc. Also, a standalone notification platform is offered.

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