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Campus Safety Products (CSP) offers professional associated support and services for products and installations after initial full Security Site Surveys. Any recommended upgrades are supported with specification guides and options.

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RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System

Security Site Survey Guide

RhinoWare™ - Security Site Survey

An initial Security Site Survey by Campus Safety Products will establish the type and condition of doors, door frames, and flooring that are fitted on the proposed site, and you will be advised of options and protection levels prior to the RhinoWare™ installation process.

In the majority of cases, the recommended specifications are commonly found to be present in commercial, public, or school buildings. In this case, upgrades are not necessary unless the threat level is considered to be high, or entry attempts are likely to be prolonged (the intruder is focused on a specific target or person, for example).

The condition, strength and type of door and frame plays a critical role in the level of protection offered.

The first step is to request a Security Site Survey. Send your contact details, and Campus Safety Products will contact you to discuss a site visit, or can answer any questions or concerns you may have about door strength, the installation of upgrades, suitable products, or the installation specification for the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System.

Campus Safety Products currently offer Security Site Surveys within the United States and the United Kingdom.

Contact us for a copy of our Specification Guide, or request a Security Site Survey.

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