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Campus Safety Products

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, innovative and reliable products that increase security and protect lives during aggressive attacks, intruder events, active shooter incidents, and all other scenarios.

CSP Vision

To continue to grow our footprint throughout the military, government, the United States and beyond. We desire to do all that we can to further protect the lives of our children, workers, military and all of our citizens by continuing to expand the installation and improvement of our products and services.

CSP Core Values


Corporate Social Responsibility

Campus Safety Products, LLC is committed to using its success in the boardroom to give back to students in classrooms. This is why CSP founded the Safe at School program. The aim of Safe at School is to offer a tool-kit as a guide and support system that provides the means for parents and the local community members to work with parent reacher organizations and associations to raise the funds needed to get things moving. For more information regarding the Safe at School program please visit

Think CSP only limits its reach to students?

Because RhinoWare keeps so many students, employees, and citizens safe day in and day out — the team at CSP feels it as a duty to give back to rhinos across Africa. Did you know every 10 hours a rhino is poached? Proceeds from the sale of every RhinoWare unit goes to the Helping Rhinos Foundation.

“Rhinos save the people, and the people save the Rhinos.”

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