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Safe at School

Supporting security within education environments and buildings - Donations from private individuals, parents, relatives, clubs, groups, churches, homeowners associations and local businesses.

Getting things done

Security within education facilities is seen as a priority by everyone. Children, students, teachers and staff must be in a safe environment. However, implementing safety measures or installing protective equipment is sometimes hampered by funding restrictions or protracted administration processes.

The aim of Safe at School is to offer a tool-kit as a guide and support system that provides the means for parents and the local community to work with Parent Teacher Organizations and Associations to raise the funds needed and get things moving.

This can help facilities such as schools in terms of security perception by the parents, and there are no demands on budgets or administration time. Security can be improved, and within a reasonable time frame.


At this time, the focus is on raising funds for the installation of the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System. This is considered to be an important step in terms of protection as it offers a shelter-in-place environment in the case of physical threats or on-site dangers – including active shooter incidents. The result is an easily activated barricade that can instantly turn a classroom into a safe room to provide valuble time and distance until first responders arrive.

Safe at School has prepared literature and materials that can be used or adapted to aid fundraising campaigns that are aimed at raising money for the installation of the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System. Recent experience has shown that this particular campaign is relatable to local communities and the media, and the response to it from schools, parents and local communities has been excellent.


It is understood that Parent Teacher Organizations and Associations are aware and capable of running fundraising campaigns, and deal with the concerns of parents on a regular basis.

The support from Safe at School takes the form of advice and guidance in relation to improving school security. This includes product capabilities, recommended procedures and overall evaluation of security issues. Along with this, information and processes that have proved to be effective fundraising strategies in the past are passed on and can be used directly, or used as a basis to develop other ideas.

The aim is to provide an experienced and recognized third party that can be used in association with local fundraising to provide extra support and a wider network for exposure to particular projects. Support for installation of the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System is currently active and available. Contact us today for full details.

Improving School Security as a PTO

A Parent Teacher Organization at a school in Iredell County has direct experience of pro-active fundraising in terms of securing their school and protecting their children, teachers, and staff. Although Safe at School material was not involved, a recent campaign was along similar lines and a great example of what has to be considered, and what can be achieved in a very short amount of time.

Project Central Safe was lead by the PTO to raise awareness and funds for improved school security and aimed to create time and distance in the event of a lockdown situation by providing secured shelter-in-place. The focus of the PTO’s campaign was to independently raise money for the installation of the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System throughout the school.

The success of their project was placed in the hands of parents and the local community, and relied on personal donations, rather than creating extra demands on the school budget (Safe at School works in much the same way). In this accompanying video, Stacy Campbell, PTO President, talks about how their campaign was received, and the response from local businesses and the community.

Video: PTO President Stacy Campbell talks about an independent fundraising campaign for the installation of the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System under the title of Project Central Safe

The result

Successful campaigns, such as the installation of the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System, have shown to have very positive outcomes. Parents are reassured and the students and staff are happy to have visible and effective protection on-site.

Following up the initial results is an important aspect. This includes thanking supporters and informing them of progress or the final result. Informing the media of the outcome via press releases can also be useful – any press coverage after conclusion of fundraising events serves to confirm that a particular school has taken security seriously and were pro-active. It is also important for the parents and sponsors to see tangible acknowledgement for their efforts.

Ways to keep in touch with the community using post-fundraising materials and processes are all available through the Safe at School Tool Kit.

The first step

The Safe at School Tool-Kit is FREE and provides more details about materials and how to associate with the current security campaign which is installation of the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System.