Preschool, K-12, and Higher Education Facilities

When it comes to running a preschool, K-12 program, or higher education facility, there’s nothing more important than protecting the safety of your students and staff. Educational institutions across the country trust RhinoWare to keep virtually any room safe should an active threat of violence occur. When student and employee safety is on the line, it’s time to bring in the Rhinos.

The RhinoWare Lockdown System is simple enough for a child to activate, yet secure enough to resist several tons of direct force. This combination of simplicity and brute strength make RhinoWare the clear winner among school security devices. You can also rest assured that our security solutions are fully compliant with all relevant codes, including Building, Fire, Life Safety, ADA, and more. Whether it’s a student or teacher deploying RhinoWare, this device can be engaged in seconds with little or no training.

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