TacMed Solutions Partnership

Campus Safety Products is proud to partner with TacMed, a manufacturer of multiple tactical medical products for both civilian and military use. TacMed is the maker of the School Resource Officer Active Shooter Response Kit, designed to provide medical supply resources to school resource officers and others responding to active shooter situations. The ARKs, valued at over $1,000, feature ​fully customizable casualty throw kits; Tramedic® Tourniquets for smaller limbs; pressure dressings; chest injury treatments; and Ultralight Poleless Litters for a school’s warm zone, casualty collection point, or ambulance collection point.


Every school district that places RhinoWare products in each of its schools will receive a complimentary ARK for every school, as of June 2022.

The TacMed™ Warm Zone/School Resource Officer Active Shooter Response Kit (WZ/SRO ARK) is designed to meet the needs of the medical responder or SRO providing care in the warm zone. The WZ/SRO ARK, a complete redesign of the standard ARK and ARK Evacuation Kit, carries more lifesaving interventions, is easier to deploy, and incorporates features based on countless training events and actual responses.

The WZ/SRO ARK holds up to 8 fully customizable Casualty Throw Kits, and in its standard stocking, brings 14 SOF® Tourniquets, 14 pressure dressings, 14 chest injury treatments, and 2 Ultralight Poleless Litters directly to your warm zone, casualty collection point, or ambulance collection point. The SRO version replaces 4 of the standard Casualty Throw Kits with the new small Casualty Throw Kits, featuring the Tramedic® Tourniquet, designed to work on even smaller limbs than the standard SOF® Tourniquet.

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