Our Team

Sita Johnson

Founder & President

Sita Johnson is the founder and President of Campus Safety Products, a security products and services company launched in North Carolina in 2014. In 2013, Sita had a vision for a new era in security products, conceiving the award-winning RhinoWare Lockdown System in response to the near-continuous school and workplace shootings she saw many nights on the news. 


Campus Safety Products is actually her second entrepreneurial venture, coming on the heels of the successful development of GDS Transnational, a cybersecurity firm also based in North Carolina.


A native of Kenya, Sita has served on the boards and company secretariat of some of the most respected companies in the world, including Reckitt Benckiser and CEMEX. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Kensington College of Business in London. She now resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina, the hometown of her husband and co-founder, Ed Johnson.

Ed Johnson

Chief executive officer

Ed Johnson serves as Chief Executive Officer of Campus Safety Products. In his role at Campus Safety, Ed brings together a wealth of experience in diverse industries ranging from software and cybersecurity to multiple ventures serving defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies in federal, state, and local government.


Prior to launching Campus Safety Products, Ed co-founded GDS Transnational, a cybersecurity firm also based in North Carolina. His leadership experience includes stints leading technology, operations, and strategy at multiple firms.


A native of Jacksonville, North Carolina, Ed recently relocated his company to his hometown adjacent to Camp Lejeune, home of the United States Marine Corps.

Kevin McCormick

senior vp, sales

Kevin McCormick serves as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He directs all sales activity across every channel to a dozen targeted industries ranging from schools and government agencies to corporate campuses and military facilities. In addition, Kevin oversees all marketing activity, from lead and demand generation to digital media and content creation.


Prior to joining Campus Safety, Kevin held sales and operational leadership roles in multiple industries, including restaurants, telecommunications firms, and cable television. 


Kevin is based in the Providence, Rhode Island area.

Steven Powers

Senior vp, operations

Steven Powers is Senior Vice President of Operations at Campus Safety Products. His work at Campus Safety centers on optimizing diverse operational areas of the company, including manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, shipping, and receiving. 


Prior to joining Campus Safety in early 2020, Steven worked in several leadership and executive roles at companies representing the cybersecurity, restaurant, and transportation industries. He is based at the company’s Jacksonville headquarters.

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