The RhinoWare Lockdown System 4.0


Empowerment for teachers.

Security for students. 

Peace of mind for parents.

 Students and educators deserve to feel safe in the classroom, just as parents deserve to feel safe leaving their children at school each morning. We share in the TSDPCA’s mission of protecting precious lives in our state’s academic institutions. Discover a newfound sense of empowerment, security, and peace of mind with the RhinoWare Lockdown System.


Powered by the latest version of our award-winning RhinoWare technology, this revolutionary barricade system instantly transforms any classroom into an ultra-secure safe room. Best of all, its intuitive design means that even a small child can activate full protection with no training, all in a matter of seconds.


The RhinoWare Difference

  • Built to withstand even several thousand pounds of direct, sustained force.
  • No training required for students or educators to activate in an instant.
  • One-second disengagement for first responders, SROs, and other onsite security with a high-security RhinoWare Key.
  • Fully code compliant with Fire, Life Safety, and ADA.
  • Compatible with virtually all doors including inward, outward, and free-swinging.
  • Optional RhinoWare Connect technology notifies backend monitoring systems of engagements and lockdowns wirelessly.

The ONLY Security Solution Where Brute Force Meets Brute Force

When it comes to protecting Texas schools from active threats of violence, you can’t afford to play fast-and-loose with security solutions. Trust only the latest technology from RhinoWare—specially engineered to save lives in the event of an emergency lockdown situation.

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