Frequently Asked Questions

RhinoWare® Door Barricade System (RHINOWARE)

YES.  RhinoWare v4 is compliant with all Fire, Life Safety, and ADA codes.  RhinoWare v4 provides support for Single Motion Egress.  In addition, the point of activation/engagement of RhinoWare is located between 34 inches and 48 inches above the finished floor.  Finally, RhinoWare is capable of being unlocked from outside the room with a key.  Such determination must be made by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  Normally, this would be the local fire marshal. Though CSP has gained such authorization by the AHJ in every location where RhinoWare has been installed, it is highly recommended that the customer seek the approval of RhinoWare as part of the evaluation process.

YES.  RhinoWare is, in fact, the ONLY auxiliary lockdown hardware device which has been tested and CERTIFIED to UL 10B (Fire Tests of Door Assemblies), UL 10C (Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies), NFPA 252 (Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies), and CAN/ULC S104 (Canada Standard Method for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies).  Third Party Documentation of test protocols and results of the above tests can be provided on request.

Yes, we do have volume discounts!  Though we do not publish our pricing online, you can work with your RhinoWare dealer or sales rep to obtain the best pricing for your particular project needs.

Yes.  Government/Education/Non-profit (GEN) pricing is available from your RhinoWare dealer or sales rep.  If you do not have a RhinoWare dealer or sales rep, contact Campus Safety Products directly and we will help you locate one in your area.


  • RhinoWare Connect, which provides wireless or hardwired seamless RhinoWare engagement detection and notification while also providing connectivity to ANY backend physical security monitoring/surveillance systems.  Contact CSP for more info, including pricing.
  • RhinoWare Connect Remote Deploy, provides single or multiple RhinoWare unit remote engagement at the push of a button.
  • Armor Plate (NIJ Level III ballistic protection) for external-facing side of door. 



RhinoWare must be installed by CSP or a CSP-Certified Installer.  Installation price is determined by scale of implementation (number of buildings, locations, etc.) and environment.

Base cost of installation is $120.00 per door, plus US government per diem travel expenses, if required.  This cost is reduced depending on the number of units to be installed. Many factors are considered in what the installation cost should be, such as door/frame construction, floor surface (bare concrete, VCT, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble, carpet, terrazzo, etc.), the clearance between the door and floor surface (for the RhinoWare® Tactical Breach Tool, “Breach Tool”), presence of asbestos, etc.  These factors are determined at the time of a SITE SURVEY. Reasonable travel expenses will be discussed and approved by customer and made part of the Statement of Work.

CSP’s standard protocol requires a site survey to be performed prior to compiling a customer proposal/Statement of Work.  Some of the items we look for during a site survey are: Door composition (solid core wood or steel, fire-rated or not fire-rated), door condition, the presence of kickplates and their composition, door or sidelight windows, clearance between door and floor surface (to make sure that the Breach Tool will be able to properly disengage RhinoWare), type of floor (bare concrete, VCT, carpet, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, marble, wood, etc.).  The site survey quantifies the number of RhinoWare and Breach Tool units required for the project and what, if any, optional products will be required. It also determines if additional upcharges will be required for installation of RhinoWare.

It is very likely that asbestos will be present in older buildings where RhinoWare is required.  It is important for RhinoWare Dealers to consider having install technicians properly trained and certified in asbestos abatement.  CSP has installation technicians trained and EPA/OSHA certified in asbestos abatement and are available to step in to assist in installation services on a project basis until Dealer can get installation technicians properly trained and certified.  Cost for this CSP service is $120 per door, plus US government per diem travel expenses. There is a minimum charge of $2500 (not including travel expenses) for this service.

CSP recommends that RhinoWare ONLY be installed on SOLID CORE WOOD doors or steel doors. It is NOT recommended that RhinoWare be installed on hollow or residential-grade interior doors.

RhinoWare includes a cylinder lock (and highly secure dimpled key) which is used to unlock, or disengage, the RhinoWare device from the outfacing side of the door.

RhinoWare has been specifically designed so that, when in the disengaged, “at rest,” position, it is nearly impossible for the device to be involuntarily or accidentally engaged.   It is recommended that, as part of the customer’s Emergency Lockdown Plan, occupants be trained and regularly drilled on the proper operation of RhinoWare and that it be communicated to the occupants that RhinoWare be treated in the same manner as the operation of the Fire Alarm.

Yes.  CSP, or a Certified RhinoWare Installer, can provide customer leadership, administrators, security personnel, and local law enforcement with training on RhinoWare.  This should be part of the Statement of Work proposal.

Per the RhinoWare Limited Warranty, CSP warrants that each RhinoWare device will be delivered and installed free of manufacturing defects.  If RhinoWare components or materials are found to be defective, for a period of up to five (5) years, CSP will repair or replace at its’ discretion.

No.  If RhinoWare components or materials are found to be defective, per the CSP Limited Warranty, customer should contact their CSP Authorized Dealer, sales rep, or CSP directly.

Yes.  CSP Authorized Dealers and Installers are located throughout the USA.  Contact CSP directly to inquire about Authorized Dealers and Installers in your area.

Yes.  However, customers should first reach out to the dealer or rep who sold/installed RhinoWare at their location(s).  The CSP Service and Support team can be reached by phone at (855) 946-4378, option 3, or by email at

Depending on the size of the size of the order, up to one hundred (100) units will be shipped via UPS.  Over 100 units will be shipped via licensed carrier. However, in most cases, order will be delivered by CSP or Authorized Dealer at time of installation.

CSP accepts organization checks, payable to Campus Safety Products, LLC, or payment by credit/purchasing card (MC, Visa, Discover, or AMEX).

Currently, normal lead time for any order is four weeks.  Lead time is not governed by the number of units ordered.

CSP confirms each order received via email, along with the CSP invoice.  An email confirming order shipment is sent to the customer at the time of shipment.

CSP was established in 2014.  RhinoWare v1 was released into the market in 2015.

No.  The CSP Limited Warranty only covers damaged or defective RhinoWare components at the time of receipt.  Cost of replacement of RhinoWare components damaged during installation is the responsibility of the Certified Installer performing the installation.

Smooth, consistent operation of RhinoWare, confirmation of complete seating of Post Lock mechanism in Floor Plate, and smooth operation of Cylinder Lock disengagement.